About the company

Packaging materials and equipment are our passion

Over the past twenty years we have actively been involved in the process if thinking along with our clients about their needs relating to packaging. We have had an excellent opportunity to get to know how resourceful our entrepreneurs are in coming up with and developing new products. They have strenuously worked towards their goals and didn’t give up before the product that was sent to the clients and dealers complied with the standards set both by the international regulatory bodies as well as the manufacturer itself.

High quality packaging solutions that enable our clients to successfully market their products are the sort of the creation that KEK Trading deals in. From our perspective, packaging is an integral part of a product and we are proud to announce that the number of our clients has grown over the years and surpassed the milestone of 1,000 companies at the beginning of 2018.

We consider our ability to learn and readiness for change as the key to our success. Thanks to the diversification of production opportunities and the steady rise of income of the population, the number of products that needs packaging keeps growing rapidly.

KET Trading desires to be one step ahead of our clients’ packaging relates issues in order to be able to offer up-to-date solutions both material and equipment wise. The key word that guides our actions is flexibility. We make an effort to always offer our clients packaging solutions that have the best price and quality ratio.

We actively develop our across-Baltic sales network and hope that we can keep offering better packaging materials and equipment for better price and quality ratio.

Thank you for placing your trust on us!


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