Machine stretch films

Machine stretch films create a durable layer of protection

It is possible to cover up large constructions or batches of products quickly and comfortably with elastic stretch films.

Working with machine stretch films requires usage of special equipment. Thanks to its controlled flexibility, the machine stretch film forms a protective layer around the products and integrates them into a wholesome and stable unit which can safely be transported with lift trucks.

We offer machine stretch films with 100-400% pre-stretch and pre-stretched films with 40-80% pre-stretch.


A table of machine stretch films’ assortment

Product Thickness Width
Machine film 17-30 100-250
Pre-stretched machine film 9-17 500
Machine film 12 500
Machine film 15 500
Machine film 17 500
Machine film 20 500
Machine film 23 500
Machine film 30 500


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