Hand stretch films

Hand stretch films are suitable for packaging items of all sizes

The hand stretch films are especially suitable for packaging smaller items and for packaging products on a pallet. With the help of the hand stretch films, it is possible to pack items of very different shapes in order to protect them from getting dirty, wearing off and the effect of weather conditions during transportation.

There are different sizes of dispensers available to facilitate the usage of the hand stretch films. Thanks to a simple construction and high quality material these holders can be used for a long time.


A table of hand stretch films’ assortment

Product Thickness Width Rll/pck Rll/pll
Hand stretch film 0,07 430 6 288
Hand stretch film 0,12 430 6 288
Hand stretch film 0,15 430 6 288
Hand stretch film 0,17 450 6 288
Hand stretch film 0,20 450 6 288
Hand stretch film 0,23 450 6 288
Hand stretch film 0,30 450 6 264

Moreover, depending on the special requests from our customers, we offer a range of different-sized hand stretch films.

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