Printed tapes

Printed tapes can be seen from afar

The bigger the production and the need for packaging that accompanies it, the more you have reason to consider purchasing a `personalised´ tape for your company. We have in mind a printed tape that bears your company’s logo, slogan, contact details or any other necessary information.

Printed tapes offer a possibility to stand out among other competitors and create a positive emotion among both your employees as well as your customers. Printed tape provides an opportunity to emphasise how much you care about your clients and partners.

In case of printed tapes, the minimum amount to order is a box of 36 rolls of the most widely used 50-millimetre filament tape. Of course, the bigger the order, the less noticeable the cost of the printed tape preparations will be.

In order to make a price proposal for the printed tape, we need your company’s logo (in vector graphics) and the codes for the Pantone colours to be used.

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